Lagoon 400 Owners Version for Sale – UNDER OFFER, CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

Alytes is in a late stage of a sales process and therefore not available. If you are interested, please feel free to write us. In the very unlikely event of a broken deal we would be happy to contact you.


Starting January 2016, this Lagoon 400 (owners version) is for sale. Have a look at this autonomous explorer equipped for the long cruise or as luxurious floating home.

Built:                        Nov. 2010
Issued:                     2011
Price:                        270.000 Euro, no tax paid
Current Location: Marmaris

Our family of three is currently sailing it from Indonesia (December 2015) toward Spain (July 2016) via Singapore (New Years Eve 2015), Thailand (January 2016), Sri Lanka (February 2016),  and some mediterranean countries (Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Baleares, all between May 2016 and July 2016). At all of these places, you can have a look at her, although Turkey would now be the best option. There, she will be hauled out for surveying, anti-fouling and polishing.

This owner operated 3-cabin layout Lagoon 400 was enhanced and optimized for autonomous long term exploration. The boat spend almost six month in the South Pacific crossing 7.600 NM from Panama to the north of the Solomons with less than two full tanks of gas (no extra jerry cans involved, promise).

On top of the already great Lagoon 400 features many extras were installed to keep you sailing safe and comfortable without having to stop for fuel or laundry too often. Desalination, 600 liter water tanks, almost 800 Wpeak of solar power, 800 Ah of reliable AGM batteries, SSB Radio, Iridium satellite phone, 3000 Watt inverter, a washing machine, heating system, two skipper cabins and bespoke extra storage solutions let you go wherever you and your crew of up to nine want to sail.

Lagoon 400 for sale: hanging loose in Tonga

Now this Lagoon 400 is for sale, check out the furling North Sails Code Zero, the helmsman’s bimini and the SSB whip antenna and Jon Buoy MOB-system installed aft

The owner’s version gives you a huge master cabin occupying the straboard hull with slatted double bed, workspace, cabinets and shelves. The master bathroom is spacious featuring a separate shower cabin, large window and big hatch for lots of air during your refreshing morning showers.

Owners version layout: You will love the shower

Owners version layout: the picture doesn’t show the two skipper cabins in the front (ahead of shower and port bow cabin).

The crew cabins have their private bathroom with shower and hatch. All bathrooms feature the legendary Jabsco Silent Flush electric toilet. Four more sleep in two skipper cabins and a convetable salon table, if desired.

Her Raymarine 2011 Navigation Suite is enhanced with the digital radar, fishfinder and AIS transponder. A remote control for the autopilot lets you watch that nasty weather from the cozy living room with its big galley, sofa (all in posh and easy to clean Astra Beige leather style), multi-source HiFi system and TV.

All other necessary controls are centralized at the helm, protected by a sunbrella sun and rain cover for the master. An electric winch makes your life easy and the remote control for the VHF allows you to deflect those 1000 feet tankers while you are crossing their path under sails.

You only want to sail her around her new home port? No problem: whatever works on a circumnavigation is double safe and comfortable for shorter term cruises. Just think of the security provided by her EBIRP, DSC SSB, GPS satphone, DSC VHF, Jon Buoy MOB seat and her Raymarine LifeTag Sytsem.

Her Caribe 340 Light Dinghy is also for sale. It’s 20 hp Honda four stroke outboard offers the maximum power possible on the large RIB tender. It will take you, your guests and a load of provisions (or dive gear) over many miles of rough seas.

She is meticulously maintained and clean. Never been chartered and currently sailing in Southeast Asia towards the Mediterranean.

Next stations for a live tour will be approximately:

Trincomalee:                                08.02.2016 – 28.02.2016
Galle, Sri Lanka:                           02.03.2016 – 10.03.2016
Marmaris, Turkey:                       10.05.2016 – 10.06.2016

Alytes will be hauled out in Turkey. This is currently the best time for you (or your surveyor) to check her inside-out.

Please consider all these dates as a rough estimate, as we are sailing these waters and we never know exactly when we will be where. We will update the exact dates when we arrive at the south end of Suez, so you could plan your travels.

Please contact us for a complete inventory list, a live tour and any questions you may have.
You can contact us via boatsale[at]

Check out the exposé (PDF document) for more pictures: Lagoon_400_Expose_final_v11
Check out the Inventory List for more information on her extras: Lagoon 400 – Modell 2011 equipment_v11

15 Gedanken zu „Lagoon 400 Owners Version for Sale – UNDER OFFER, CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

  1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

    Alytes had a full inspection of her rigg by the pros of Rolly Tasker here in Phuket. Everything went outstanding. As the guys were up in the mast, we did ask them to optimize the position of our spinnaker halyard a bit. They did a great job.

    We also replaced the UV protection of the head sail and the sail batten covers for the main sial. They are good for another five years, says Rolly Tasker.

    Cheers from a happy skipper,

      1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

        Dear Nigel,
        thanks for your interest in Alytes. Since just one day she is under offer and therefore not really available anymore. I would be happy if I could contact you again in case she will be back on the market. As we are in a very late stage of the sale, this is not very probable, I fear.

        All the best,

  2. Bill

    Hello. I am in Singapore. Today is 06/02/2016. Where are you currently at? I would very much like to take a look at Alytes. I am ready to buy a Lagoon 400 Owner’s Version like this and in this location if she is in very good condition. Thanks.

    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Bill,
      thank you so much for your interest in this boat. Unfortunately, we will leave Phuket in the next hours. The next Stopp will be Trincomalee, Galle and later Turkey in May. If possible at all, Turkey would be the most reasonable place to take a look at her, as there is a good infrastructure to haul her out and to have her checked by a surveyor. Sri Lanka does not really have any infrastructure comparable to that.

      All the best,

  3. Carolyn

    Thanks Fritze for your detailed reply. We are a crew of 2;-)! Looking to give up the rat race and sail away. Starting where ever we find a boat that ticks our boxes. We have minimal sailing experience (NZ, Tahiti & the Whitsundays in Australia) but have a common sense and a practical approach to what ever life throws at us. If we purchased in the Med we would stay there for as long as it took to become competent and confident sailors. Our preference is a Lagoon between 40 and 42ft and yours does tick most of our boxes. Our stars may align with yours in a few months time so stay in touch and safe sailing. We will keep an eye on this website for updates of when and where you are located over the next few months.
    Take care

    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Carolyn,
      that sounds like a beautiful plan. Don’t worry too much about limited sailing experience. Todays technology helps to take away many of the bad surprises that rendered long term cruising for beginners dangerous. The most important are GPS / electronic navigation aids, globally available and reliable mid term wind / weather forcasts (via satellite or SSB radio) and a good autopilot.
      Desalination and efficient solar panels helped to make boats a lot more autonomous. Nothing is worse than to have to leave a great anchorage because you need to top up on water 50 miles away.
      As we startet more or less with the same experience level as you did, Alytes is equipped with those systems and so should every other boat you look into (unless you want to outfit with it later). Your plan to use the Med as playground for getting used to sailing and the boat is just right. We actually did the same, too. Great cultures, great scenery, simple sailing (except those nasty regional winds, but you can dodge those in many sweet marinas) and perfect yachting infrastrcture in case you want to add some features to your boat after testing.
      We are happy to keep you posted. As said, ETA in the Med is early May with Turkey being the first reasonable harbour.
      All the best,

  4. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

    Dear Carolyn, dear all,

    some updates on our boat: We are currently in Thailand and getting ready to set sail for Sri Lanka. So time is getting tight to view the boat here in Phuket.

    But you had questions concerning the longevity of major components. We just returned from Rolly Tasker to check out his „largest sailmakers loft in Asia or the world“. Mission goal was to get our sails serviced: The UV protection for our head sail was longing for a renovation and we wanted to exchange the batten pocket protections on the main sail. They are somewhat sacreficial and had sacrificed enough by this time.

    John from RT checked the sails quite thoroughly and told us „you will be able to go another five years with those sails. They are in very good shape“. This basically confirms our noob-impression of the good condition of both main and head sails.

    Rolly Tasker will also conduct a the third rigg check and maintenance since we left the Med. I do not expect any surprises, but we like the boat to be in perfect condition.

    I will report the results, as soon as the riggers are done around the first week of February.

    Have a great weekend everybody,

  5. Carolyn

    Hi Fritze

    My husband and I like the look of your Lagoon 400. We will be ready to purchase in April / May. We are from NZ but could be in the Med when you are. We have a couple of questions for you: 1) Is there anything that you would like to add to her if you were going to keep her? & 2) What do you believe will need replacing within the next 5 years? We look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards

    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Carolyn,
      thank you very much for your interest in Alytes as well as your questions.

      Maybe one word about her history before I try to answer them. Alytes was built November2010 and commissioned early 2011. She was then sailed to a mooring on the coast of Mallorca. The pre-owner assured us, that besides the trip from the yard to Spain, she was rarely sailed. The 180 engine hours, our general impression as well as the report of the licensed surveyor that we hired support that story. We sailed her to the Marina Saidia in Marocco to keep her safe while we prepared for our circumnavigation. When we started our journey mid-2014, she still had less than 200 hours on the engines as well as more or less unused sails. Obviously, she was exposed to the sun and weather during this time.

      To your questions:
      1: We equipped her for our needs and the anticipated route, a circumnavigation along the „barefoot route“ in two years. We are a crew of three.

      As I do not know, what your plans are, I try to answer the question as if you would go on the same journey as we went: I would not change a thing, as we perceive her as perfectly balanced now.
      Please note, that this may look differently, in case you plan for other regions or for bigger crews. If you like, just send me some ideas concerning your cruising area as well as the anticipated crew size. I would be happy to specify my answer with this information, as this may have an impact on electricity and water purification volumes.

      2: It is very hard to answer this question: Five years are a very long time especially since I do not know, how heavy your use will be (seasonal sailor or circumnavigator etc.) and were you are going to leave her (NZ, Med, equator etc.). I will try to give some information and ideas. I will always assume, that the boat is used (and serviced) as we do it right now. Please also have in mind that I refer to her as she is now. We still have about 4.000 miles to sail to the Med.

      Please note that I am not a specialist on general periods of usability for all boat systems and I have not worried about such questions yet. In the end, a qualified surveyor will give you more exact ideas, since he is more qualified than me in doing so.

      The engines are now showing about 1.300 hours. That number will rise until the Med in May, but I do not think it will surpass 2.000 hours. I cannot promise this, though. So far we service her more often then asked for, especially fuel filters, fuel pre-filters, impellers, oil filters and oil for the engine and the saildrives (both are serviced every 100 to 150 hours). A quick research on the net states a life time of well maintained Yanmars between 8.000 to 10.000 hours (regular replacements of parts according to Yanmars service plan will have to be done, maybe the injection timing has to be reset). I can only quote that. For now they purr as a set of kittens and show neither bad smell now colored smoke.

      The sails will be serviced next week (new sail batten protectors, new sun protection for the genoa). I am happy to give you an account of the sailmakers comments after that has been done. So far, the substance still looks very good. The same is true for the Code Zero and Parasailor). Without the word of the sailmaker, I would use them for another circumnavigation. But within your five-year horizon these may be exchanged (this is a glance into the crystal ball…) if you use them a lot.

      We are early reefers. The rigging (mast, boom, spreaders etc.) looks very good to my eyes. The rigging has been checked and tuned by a professional in March 2015. He found the substance still in great shape. But I am sure, you will have the vessel surveyed and checked by a „neutral“ rigger / surveyor (as the seller and an amateur sailor, I am neither ;-)). We will check it again when reaching the Med. My impression now: I am sure I would use them for another circumnavigation unless a rigger told me otherwise.

      Winches (including the electric one) are serviced and in good condition, I see no reason for replacement. Same is true for the anchor windlass.

      The net between the hulls still looks good, but this may have to be replaced within the next years, especially if you take her into the equatorial sun for a long time.

      The electronics are safe and sound. We lost one ST70 display to the sun (we have just installed a new i70 in its place). Depending on your intended cruising area, there may be another display becoming dull.

      Hope that helped. If you have more questions or a more specific need for info, please feel free to ask, I will try to answer at my best.
      Happy to hear from you,

  6. Rich

    Hi guys, we love the sound of your 400. We are based in the balerics but could view before you get to us. We have just our 380s2 and so ready to upgrade. Please email us. Safe travels and see you soon we hope.

  7. Terry

    Hi Fritz, we would like to view your vessel. Are you stopping at Marina Island (pankor Island Marina) on your way to Penang? We are on the hard there, the plan is to buy a cat, yours sounds good. Thanks. Terry

    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Terry,
      thanks for your interest. Good plan to buy a cat. If you do not already have one, you will love the change.

      Actually, we did not plan to stop in Malaysia, as we plan to meet family in Phuket Mid January. As usually, clearing in and out would be quite an issue (did you clear in at Pankor)?

      Is there a chance that you have a look at her in Phuket or are you grounded in Pankor? Alternatively, we could consider to „meet at sea“ in case you are hot to buy a boat in the next months. For that, we could stop close to the marina and you could come to the boat and have a look. Please be open on that as it would be quite a diversion for our family. But again, if you are serious about it, it could be done.

      For any more in depth analysis of the boat, I guess we would need to meet in Thailand, as I am sure you would want to see her on the dry and maybe want a surveyor to check her out. I am afraid that considering our timeline it is impossible to do that in Malaysia.

      Please let me know, what you think. Maybe you want to change to for the next phase of our conversation.
      Cheers and all the best to Malaysia,

  8. Gerry

    Wow! Beautiful vessel! This is EXACTLY the kind of boat and size my wife and I intend to buy, but unfortunately in 8 years as we ready ourselves for retirement…

    Perhaps one day we just MAY buy it, if it finds itself on the market again… until then, happy sailing and fair, strong winds!


    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Gerry,
      thanks for this nice comment.
      She truely is a great vessel: fun to sail and even better at anchor. I wish all the best for your plans, maybe you make it just a couple of years out of work before these eight years. We’ll try to keep her for you. Well at least for some weeks 😉
      Happy new year, have a great 2016,

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