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  1. Jocelyn Charland

    Hi, your trip looks really exciting. I saw on Findacrew website that you are looking for a crew and I have some questions for you regarding this possibility.

    From March 6th to May 16, I will be helping a UK couple to bring their sailboat from Roatan (Honduras) to San Blas Island (Panama). And after this sailing, I would be available for crewing with your team if still needed. So if the date corresponds, maybe I can embark before of after the Panama canal. Or maybe if you plan to sail the San Blas Islands maybe I can just switch boat?

    So, around what date do you expect to cross the Panama canal?
    How long do you plan from panama to marquise?
    And then what is your itinerary plan? Do you plan to go to tahiti? If so what is your ETA for Tahiti?

    If you want to know more about me, here is my Find a Crew Listing ID 252415

    I am a Canadian and live in Quebec. I am 55, no criminal record, no health problem. I just got retired from working in the pharmaceutical field and now I have time to realize some sailing dreams. It would be a pleasure for me to share all the boat related tasks. My wife still love working and do not share the same passion (sailing) than me, and my children are now gone from home.

    I speak French and I would say that my English speaking is 90% good and my English listening is 99% good.

    Do not hesitate to ask me more questions if you have some and if you think that all the dates and the requirements fits with you and your team and would like to talk to me via Skype, it would be with pleasure if it is before my departure date (May 6th).

    Thank you and hope to talk to you.


    1. AlytesSkipper Beitragsautor

      Dear Jocelyn,
      thank you so much for your message.
      Unfortunately, we are planning to be on the Marquesas when you are becoming available after you trip through the Caribbean.

      All the best for your travels,
      fair winds,

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