Playa de Ávalo – La Gomera

The bay is quite small but very nice. Behind the beach is a green area with palm trees and there are just a few  visitors at the rocky beach at daytime. I guess, this was the most beautiful anchorage we had on La Gomera.
Snorkeling at the rocks aside the bay is very nice and you can see many fishes.  We also went for a dive at the Bermeja Rock a little outside the bay. It was a great dive! We saw a big stingray and a muray eeö. The visibility was excellent. The rock rises steeply from about 30 m depth to less than 2m at low water.

We anchored at about 7m depth over sand. In the middle of the bay is an old concrete-block and some trash. Depending on the weather there can be much ground-swell in the bay.

La Gomera Abalo

La Gomera Abalo

LaGomera Abalo 3

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